Todd Decker and Kelly Daniel-Decker perform at the Fondation des États-Unis in Paris.


On Saturday night December 9th, at the Fondation des États-Unis ( in Paris, Todd Decker and Kelly Daniel-Decker performed a concert entitled  "Hollywood Heroines" ( It was the final event of a three-year, five-conference, international scholarly project on the Hollywood musical film ( funded by Labex Arts-H2H, a humanities institute at Université Paris 8, and directed by French film professors Marguerite Chabrol and Pierre-Olivier Toulza.


During the conference, Todd and Kelly Decker gave a scholarly talk with live musical examples titled "'Watch My Mouth': The Image of the Voice in the Hollywood Musical" and Todd gave a talk on Fred Astaire's philosophical conception of the film dancer.


The project, an interdisciplinary mix of French, American, and British scholars, has been working on a collaborative digital humanities project: a bilingual web-based database that's not yet ready to go public but that will eventually serve scholars and students interested in research on the classical Hollywood musical.


This month, the project published a collection of essays titled Star Turns in the Hollywood Musical in separate French and English editions  ( 


Todd Decker has a chapter in the book titled "Fred Astaire, Captain America, and the Cyborg: The Technological Body of a Musical Star." Last year, Todd Decker was a visiting International Chair at Labex for a month (