The Choirs of Washington University, featuring André de Quadros, Distinguished Visiting Scholar

"This Too Shall Pass"

Free admission.

Dr. de Quadros will lead the Washington University choirs along with artistic director Nicole Aldrich in a free concert, “This Too Shall Pass,” on Sunday, November 23, at 3:00 pm in the E. Desmond Lee Concert Hall, 560 Music Center.  The program will explore the concert theme through composed and improvised song, movement, art, and literature, with a special focus on musical practices of Muslim communities.

Supported through generous funding from the Office of the Provost, Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program.

André de Quadros, conductor, ethnomusicologist, human rights activist, and music educator has conducted and undertaken research in over forty countries and is a Professor of Music at Boston University where he also holds affiliated faculty appointments in the African Studies Center, the Center for the Study of Asia, the Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations, and the Prison Education Program. His research interests lie in arts and health, incarceration, music of the Muslim world and Indonesia, community choruses, and peace and conflict.



                         “This Too Shall Pass”



Combined Choirs

Bruremarsj (2005)                                                    Norwegian Wedding March

                                                                                        arr. Henning Sommerro (b. 1952)

                                                                                        and Grete Pedersen (b. 1960)




Washington University Chamber Choir

Talismane from Vier doppelchörige                       Robert Schumann

Gesänge, op. 141. (1849)                                          (1810-1856)                                                                



There Will Come Soft Rains (2012)                         Ivo Antognini

                                                                                          (b. 1963)


Equinox (2014) (premiere)                                      Kelly Stathis 



Entarisi ala benziyor (2012)                                    Turkish traditional

                                                                                          arr. Muammer Sun (b. 1932)



Washington University Concert Choir

Janger (2004)                                                                Balinese traditional    

                                                                                          arr. Budi Susanto Yohanes (b. 1979)


We Are… (1991)                                                           Ysaye M. Barnwell

                                                                                          (b. 1946)




Combined Choirs

Adinu (2011)                                                                Traditional Sufi melody            

                                                                                          arr. Shireen Abu-Khader (b. 1972) 

                                                                                          and André de Quadros (b. 1953)