• Hands must be washed before and after practice & lesson room usage.    
  • Masks do not have to be worn in practice rooms with the doors closed, single-occupancy, and fans on. 
  • Only one person in a practice room at a time, no visitors are allowed.
  • No food or drink in any practice rooms or lesson studios.
  • All touched surfaces must be wiped upon entry of the room.  Follow the posted protocols for instrument care and disinfecting. 
  • All condensation/saliva must be disposed of – absorbent, disposable towels will be provided
  • All practice room doors must remain closed with fans on at all times.
  • If you use Department of Music facilities, please be sure to complete your daily screening before you arrive at the facility
    • If you pass the official screening, but you still think something isn’t quite right, please stay home.
  • Follow all university, music department, and St. Louis County requirements for mask-wearing, hand-washing, social distancing, and cleaning practice room surfaces.

If you find an issue with, PPE, a piano, or have any other concerns, please contact Ben Worley at