Undergraduate Studies FAQ

How do I declare a major/minor?

First, you will need to indicate in WebStac that you intend to be a major/minor. Once that is complete, email Jessica Flannigan (flanniganj@wustl.edu) for approval.

What courses are required for the major/minor?

Degree Worksheets (Scroll to bottom of the page)

Do I need to audition or submit a portfolio for entrance into the Music program?

No. The Bachelor of Arts degree, which is our general degree in Music, does not require an audition, nor does the Music Minor. This is because many of our students are interested in the academic side of music (theory, musicology, composition) rather than performance. We do offer a Bachelor of Music degree which has multiple choices for emphasis including Theory, Composition, Performance, and History, but unlike most schools, our department typically expects students to be with us for at least a year before they audition for the BMus degree. This is because when we consider their application, we look at their academic work and their general contributions to the department as well as their performance abilities. Our BMus students start in the Bachelor of Arts degree in music, and most of them do their audition at the end of their sophomore year. The coursework for the two degrees is identical for the first two years, so there is no hurry to apply for the BMus before then.

Can I double-major in Music?

Yes. If you plan to double major, we strongly recommend that you pursue the BA in Music. The BMus is much more time intensive and is difficult to complete with another major. 

Do I have to be a major/minor to enroll in lessons or ensembles?

All students are welcome to enroll in lessons or ensembles, regardless of major.

Do I get a discount on lessons for being a major/minor?

Do lessons and ensemble count towards elective credits?

Yes! Ensembles count towards lower level electives, and are repeatable. Lessons at the 100- and 200-levels count towards lower-level electives, and lessons at the 300+ level count towards upper- or lower-level electives, and are also repeatable.

Do you offer Music Scholarships?

The Music Department does not offer performance-based scholarships, but we do have need-based scholarships available, as well as merit scholarships that are awarded at the end of each year that you can apply for after your first semester. 

Can I substitute a required course?

Course substitutions are reviewed by our Undergraduate Advisory Committee, and approved on a circumstantial basis. To request a course substitution, contact Jessica Flannigan (flanniganj@wustl.edu)