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Lesson Registration

How to Register for Applied Music Lessons

All students register for applied music courses on WebSTAC using the L27 registration place-holder course numbers listed below. Once you have chosen the correct course number, enter the desired number of units and choose a grade option.  Your next step will be to choose a lesson placement appointment by following this LINK

To learn more about lesson fees, rebates, policies, and more, scroll to the bottom of this page.  

Lesson Course Number Coordinator
Brass Registration L27-100B-01 Dana Hotle
Guitar Registration L27-100G-01 Vince Varvel
Percussion Registration L27-100D-01 Dana Hotle
Piano Registration L27-100P-01 Amanda Kirkpatrick
Jazz Piano Registration L27-100P-02 Amanda Kirkpatrick
Organ Registration L27-100P-03 Amanda Kirkpatrick
Strings Registration
(including Harp students)
L27-100S-01 Amy Greenhalgh
Jazz Strings Registration L27-100S-02 Amy Greenhalgh
Voice Registration L27-100V-01 John McDonald
Woodwinds Registration L27-100W-01 Dana Hotle

1.0 - Half hour lessons
2.0 - One hour lessons

Grade Options
Credit (Letter Grade)
Audit (Not for Credit)

Audit Option: Students may choose to audit applied music lessons if they do not want the course to count towards their degree.  If you need to audit in order to stay under 21 units, please enter 0.0 units and contact Ben Worley ( to confirm whether you are taking half-hour or hour lessons.  Otherwise, enter 1.0 or 2.0 to indicate half-hour or hour lessons (the credit units will not be counted toward the total units required for graduation). 

Questions?: Contact your Applied Music Coordinator

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