Jazz at Holmes: William Lenihan Quartet

William Lenihan, Paul DeMarinis Quartet features pianist Jay Oliver and drummer Steve Davis. The quartet performs their original music as well as repertoire of some of the icons of modern jazz including that of former bandmates and cohort. Based in the decades long collaborations between DeMarinis and Lenihan their music demonstrates not only the virtuosity of the band members but also the complexity and lyricism of their compositions. The concert features duo music for tenor saxophone and classical guitar, quartet and solo features. 

With each musician having performed numerously on the Jazz at Holmes Series in various bands, this concert presents a rare coming together of these four musicians. Material of some of their past collaborations will include music of Lenihan, Marc Copland, Chick Corea and more. This quartet promises an exciting evening of improvised music.

"Lenihan, known for his collaborations including Jay Oliver, Bob Brookmeyer, Ron Carter, and numerous orchestras.  ...the duo formed by the famous guitarist William Lenihan and Marc Copland, one of the most famous pianists in the world... Lenihan is known for his use of the classical guitar in improvised music and his ability to create an almost piano-like sound, while Copland is a master interpreter of the jazz standard .....painter of sound, sophisticated and cosmopolitan.  -La Stampa  

Two immense signatures of international jazz.  World-famous pianist Marc Copland will duet with guitar virtuoso William Lenihan......at Santa Vittoria... -Gazzetta d'Alba Giornale 

For many years Lenihan, known for his use of the classical guitar in improvised music, has been creating an almost piano-like sound with his guitar while Copland is simply one of the master interpreters of the jazz standard. Both of these musicians have created their own musical language with deep roots in the traditions of both jazz and contemporary classical music.  -Italia Jazz  

…..concert in Chiavari, starring the American guitarist William Lenihan with Marc Copland, Luca Pirozzi and Lucrezio De Seta. Lenihan, a musician with extensive experience in both jazz and classical is an established professor in the jazz department of Washington University. Another reason of interest was the presence of the pianist Marc Copland, who contributed with his proverbial refined and intimate touch to the construction of a completely acoustic proposal, which during the concert, opened by a cover of Joni Mitchell's "Both sides now", has gradually acquired thickness and identity…. Original songs by the two leaders in the lineup, and tributes to Cole Porter, to Grant Green, to conclude with an encore of a heartfelt "Autumn leaves". -Tracce di Jazz, Italy 

On Jay Oliver: 
In the Jazz world, Jay has worked with: Dave Weckl, Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, John Pattitucci, Eric Marianthal, Frank Gambali, Steve Smith, Tom Kennedy, Sandeep Chowta, William Lenihan, Brandon Fields, Steve Tavaglioni, Gary Meek, Lily Hayden, Mindy Abair, and others... In the Pop/Rock/R&B World, Jay has worked with and/or written songs for: Sheryl Crow, The Eagles/Glenn Frey, Celine Dion, Joe Walsh, Wynona Judd, Bonnie Raitt, Boz Scaggs, Jimmy Buffett, Russ Kunkel, Jay Graydon, Buzz Feiten, and others.