Exploring Music: Legendary Performers: Virtuosos, Divas & Rockstars


Every generation boasts a handful of musicians that stand out from the crowd-remarkable performers that achieve legendary status, command the highest fees, and set the standard against which all others are measured. But how far back can we trace this phenomenon? And what does it take to become a musical superstar? In this class, we will address these and other questions. Focusing on legendary performers from a wide array of musical traditions spanning history and the globe, we will learn to think and write about music and performance. Introduction to fundamental musical concepts will also enhance students' listening experience and provide them with a foundation for further study. Barring any restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the class will attend live performances, including a concert by the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra at Powell Hall. No previous musical background required.
Course Attributes: EN H; BU Hum; AS HUM; FA HUM; AR HUM

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Exploring Music: Legendary Performers: Virtuosos, Divas & Rockstars
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