Graduate Student Awards, Publications, and Presentations


Tad Biggs
Talk titled "A 'Sociological, Metabolic' Reading of Julia Perry's Stabat Mater" as part of the Julia Perry Centenary Celebration & Festival, taking place in New York City from March 13-16, 2024.


Tad Biggs
“‘The Fat Man’s dance was not only beautiful and exhilarating; it was glorious’ Music, Dance, and Humor in the Fat Men’s Association of New York City" Popular Culture Association, 2023.
“Julia Perry’s Stabat Mater and the Lynching of Christ” Society for American Music, 2022

Jessica Ray King
Festival Musicale I Suoni Sillene Festival Artist, Chianciano Terme, Italy (2023).
Adjunct Faculty in Music Webster University Community Music School, Webster Groves, MO (2023)

Bryce Noe
Pérez Art Museum Miami is publishing essay "Sound(e)scaping Modernity in Lilian Garcia-Roig's Hyperbolic Nature: La Florida" on their website
"The Paderborn Contest: Defying the Skatepark's Sonic and Spatial Logic" at The Stoke Sessions: An International Conference on the Culture, History and Politics of Surfing and Skateboarding (2023)
"Freestyle Skateboarding and Entrainment: Expressing Metric Layers through Tricks" at the Society for Ethnomusicology (2022)


Tad Biggs
“Julia Perry’s Stabat Mater and the Lynching of Christ” Society for American Music, 2022

Varun Chandrasekhar
"Heartbreaks and Halftime: A Study in Emo Mentorship," International Association for the Study of Popular Music-US Chapter 2022
"The Grain of the Guitar: A Study in Embodied Signifyin(g)," Society of American Music 2022

Jacob Cupps
“Sounding the Underground: Beat Construction and Methods of Alteration in 00s-10s Hip-Hop” International Association for the Study of Popular Music – US Chapter, 2022 Conference

Dan Fister
Awarded a Margery Lowens Dissertation Research Fellowship

Elena Arredondo Farel
Awarded a Center for the Humanities Fellowship

Jessica Ray King
“I Will Sing: Viola, Voice, and Poetry.” American/International Viola Society Conference. June 2-5, 2021. Columbus, GA.
Adjunct Faculty in Music St. Clair County Community College, Port Huron, MI (2021-2023)



Tad Biggs
Presentation at the Society for Ethnomusicology, 2019 and Society for American Music, 2020 “’Mi Bandera es Negra’: Articulating a Radical Politic for Guatemala Through Hip Hop” 

Elena Arredondo Farel
Presentation at the American Musicological Society - "Sissieretta Jones and Performing the Prima Donna"
Presentation for the Society for American Music“’His Brilliant and Manly Voice’”: Jules Bledsoe and Black Masculinity in Opera” 

Dan Fister
Presentation at the Society for Ethnomusicology -  "Rewarding White Singers Who Sing Black: Solo Vocal Performance as Structural Sonic Whiteness in Contemporary Scholastic A Cappella"

presentations at the International Association for the Study of Popular Music and the Society for American Music: “The Advantages of Whiteness in A Cappella: Singing, Stereotypes, and Structural Racism in the Pitch Perfect Film Franchise"
Course taught in Fall 2020 - AMCS/MUS 330C: The Voice: Singing Difference in the United States

Felipe Guz Tinoco
Presentation at the Society for Ethnomusicology -  "Disrupting the Political Binary: 1960s Samba-Jazz and Brazilian Nationalism," and spoke on a panel called "Creative Collaborations and Fusions."

Darren LaCour
Artusi: Aural Skills I—A workbook developed for the Artusi: Interactive Music Theory and Aural Skills software program
Interactive Music Fundamentals (co-author with Michael Scott Cuthbert, Kristen S. Hansen, Joel Rust, Ryaan Ahmed, and Joesph VanderStel.—An online, fully interactive textbook that guides students through basic principles of Western written music, drawing on a wide range of musical examples from around the world


Jessica Ray King
Incontri Musicali Virtual Viola Festival (2020)
“Strategies for Reducing Performance Anxiety.” Journal of the American Viola Society. 35 (2020).

Darren LaCour
Adjunct Teaching Award, Lindenwood University
“Hunting for Motives in Duke Ellington’s The Tattooed Bride,” poster presented at the conference Pedagogy into Practice: Teaching Music Theory in the Twenty-First Century, 23–25 May. Peer reviewed

Ashley Pribyl
Fellowship at the New York Public Library for her project "Fifty Years of Company: Exploring Shifts in Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality Through an American Musical, 1969-2019"


Dan Fister

Presentation at the Society for Ethnomusicology - “Whiteness as Vocal Aesthetics: An Examination of Judging Practices within Collegiate A Cappella Competitions" (Lise Waxer Student Paper Prize winner from the Popular Music Section of the Society for Ethnomusicology, 2019)

Presentation at Feminist Theory in Music - “Organizing Coalitions through Song: Bernice Johnson Reagon, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and Ella Baker’s Legacy”

Jessica Ray King
District 221 Chamber Music Festival Co-Founder/Festival Artist, Manistee, MI (2019).


Caleb Boyd
Academic Advisor for “Hanns Eisler, 1898-1962”
In Twentieth Century Literary Criticism, Layman Poupard Publishing

Joseph Jakubowski 
“Harmonic Clusters and Tonal Cadences: Bayesian Learning Without Chord Identification”
Journal of New Music Research - (co-author with Washington University Prof. Ben Duane)
"Spectral Meter: Dramatizing Entrainment and Communicating Form in Gérard Grisey’s Vortex Temporum I (1994–96)" Music Theory Online

Jessica Ray King
“This is Not a Toy: Components of High-Level Viola Playing.” American Viola Society Conference. July 12-17, 2018. Los Angeles, CA.

Darren LaCour
“Duke Ellington’s Medley Aesthetic,” paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for American Music, 26 March. Peer reviewed.

Daniel Weaver
Review of Jean E. Snyder, Harry T. Burleigh: From the Spiritual to the Harlem Renaissance

Daniel Weaver
Review of Bradley G. Shope, American Popular Music in Britain’s Raj
Society for American Music Bulletin


Joe Jakubowski
“Spectral Meter: Metric Cognition, Conflict, and Form in Grisey’s Vortex Temporum I (1994–96).”
Spectralisms Conference, Oxford University (UK)

Jessica Ray King
Saarburg International Music Festival Artist, Saarburg, Germany (2017).
“This is Not a Toy: An Introduction to the JAVS Health and Wellness Column.” Journal of the American Viola Society 33. (2017)

Jessica Ray King
Miami Music Festival Opera & Conductor’s Orchestra Fellow, Miami, FL (2016)

Kathryn Kinney
“Look Around You as You Sing It”: Rethinking Evangelicalism through Corporate Modes of Musical Participation.”
Congregational Christian Music Conference, Ripon College, Oxford (UK)

Kathryn Kinney
“Born Again Apocalypse: Secularity and Religion on the “Eve of Destruction””
“Apocalypse and Authenticity” International Conference of the Theology, Religion and Popular Culture Network, Hull (UK)

Darren LaCour
“Composing Within the Lines, Working Behind the Scenes: Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and Dick Vance’s arrangements for At the Bal Masque,” paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Musicological Society, 5 November. Peer reviewed. 

“Motivic Saturation and Formal Modules in Duke Ellington’s The Tattooed Bride,” paper presented at the annual conference for Music Theory Midwest, 6 May. Peer reviewed.

Lillian Pinto de Sá
“Musical Creativity in a Devotio Moderna Songbook”
Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Prague

Lillian Pinto de Sá
“Liturgy and Music in the Devotio Moderna”
Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Saint Louis University

Ashley Pribyl
Gypsy, June and the Lawyers: Legal Negotiation as Collaboration”
Studies in Musical Theatre 10/3

Ashley Pribyl
Performance Reviews of New York productions of Sweeney ToddSunday in the Park with George, and Pacific Overtures
Studies in Musical Theatre 11/1

Ashley Pribyl
“Understanding Bobby: Reading Stephen Sondheim’s Company in the Time of Stonewall”
Feminist Theory in Music Conference, San Francisco


Caleb Boyd
Gebrauchsmusik as Wartime Exile Response: Hanns Eisler’s Woodbury Liederbüchlein” 
Neue Sachlichkeit, Political Music, or Vernacular Avant-garde?: Hanns Eisler and his Contemporaries. International conference, University of Copenhagen

Darren LaCour
“Telling Jazz’s Story: Duke Ellington, ‘Ko-Ko,’ and Congo Square,” paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Music Theory, 30 October. Peer reviewed.

Ashley Pribyl
Gypsy, June and the Lawyers: Collaboration as Negotiation”
“Putting it Together”: Investigating Sources for Musical Theatre Research, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Ashley Pribyl
“A Wild Ride: Staging Assassins in Middle America – An Interview with Scott Miller”
The Sondheim Review 22


Caleb Boyd
“Championing Proletarian Music in the United States: Hanns Eisler’s Creative Contributions to the American Music and Political Scenes in the Mid-1930s”
Society for American Music, national conference, Sacramento

Elizabeth Dister
Alvin H. Johnson AMS 50 Fellowship, American Musicological Society
for the dissertation “Inspiring the Nation: French Music about Jeanne d’Arc, 1931–1945”

Lillian Pinto de Sá
“Eumelio: A Music Drama in the Context of 17th Century Jesuit Education”
American Musicological Society, Midwest chapter, Chicago

Daniel Weaver
“Randy Newman’s Good Old Boys and the American South: Crafting Social
Protest through the Unreliable Narrator”
Society for American Music, national conference, Sacramento


David Chapman
“Improvisations, Watermelons, and Steve Reich's Piano Phase
American Musicological Society, national conference, Pittsburgh

David Chapman
Paul A. Pisk Award (for the best graduate student paper presented at the annual conference)
American Musicological Society

Kathryn Kinney
“Converts and Crossovers: Black Gospel and the Music of Radical White Christianity at the Turn of the 1970s.”
Society of Christian Scholarship in Music, Chicago

Ashley Pribyl
“Side by Side by Side”: The Queerness of Friendship in the 2011 New York Philharmonic Company
Northeast Modern Language Association Conference, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


David Chapman
“Hearing the Flowers, Reading the Seeds in Jon Gibson’s Call (1977)”
Fourth International Conference on Music and Minimalism, Long Beach, California

David Chapman
“Reconsidering Philip Glass: Space, ‘Presence,’ and Downtown Loft Culture in the Early 1970s”
Society for American Music, national conference, Charlotte, North Carolina