2023 Friends of Music Concerto and Aria Competition Results

The results of the 2023 Friends of Music Concerto and Aria Competition are in! We would like to thank our incredible students, their teachers, the piano collaborators, and the judges for all of the fine work that went into making this such a strong competition.  Congrats to all for the lovely performances!

Winners: Katie Chan (harp) and Michelle Zhang (oboe)
Runner up: Jaden Lu (piano)
Honorable Mentions: Christina Smiley (voice) & Jimin Lee (flute)

Harpist Katie Chan is a senior from San Diego, CA double majoring in English Literature and Economics, and minoring in music. She has played the harp for 12 years, and currently studies under Megan Stout at WashU. She is the recent first-prize winner of the 2023 Friends of Music and Aria Competition and has performed with WashU’s Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and chamber ensembles. Prior to WashU, Katie studied harp under Tasha Smith Godinez, and classical piano under Luba Ugorski and Pervin Muradov. She received second prize at the VIVO International Competition, first prize at the Southern California Mozart Youth Festival, and was a finalist in the MTAC Sonata Competition. 

Oboist Michelle Zhang is a first-year student from St. Louis, MO majoring in computer science and music. Michelle has played the oboe for 7 years and is currently the principal oboist of the WashU Symphony Orchestra and a member of the Chamber Ensembles. Prior to attending WashU, Michelle’s musical involvements included being the principal oboist of the Missouri All-State Orchestra and Rockwood District Honor Band, as well as organizing several youth-led performances in the local school, church, and senior living community. Outside of playing the oboe, Michelle is enthusiastic about drawing, teaching music theory, and making up stories with friends.