Tad Biggs

PhD student in Musicology
Lynne Cooper Harvey Fellow in American Culture Studies
research interests:
  • American concert and popular music
  • African American composers
  • issues of race, gender, and class in the study of music
  • Marxist aesthetics
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    Tad studies African American concert music of the twentieth century. His other research interests include concert and popular music of the United States, archival work, and aesthetics. His research seeks to understand the ways in which music reflects and contests social reality, as well as how forces of race, class, and gender produce our lived soundscape. Prior to attending Washington University in St. Louis, Tad completed his Master of Music degree at the University of Arizona, where he was selected as the distinguished master’s candidate. His master’s thesis is titled “Julia Perry’s Stabat Mater, Black Cultural History, and the Lynching of Christ.” 

    Papers Presented
    “’Mi Bandera es Negra’: Articulating a Radical Politic for Guatemala Through Hip Hop” Society for Ethnomusicology, 2019; Society for American Music, 2020
    “Julia Perry’s Stabat Mater and the Lynching of Christ” Society for American Music, 2022