Piano Lessons: Pre-registration


All students-both new and returning-must enroll if in this course if you are planning to take piano lessons this semester. Once registered for this course, new students must sign up for a placement appointment through the department's website (https://music.wustl.edu/lesson-placement-days) to be considered for lessons. After the audition, you will be transferred to the appropriate course and section number once your lessons begin. Enrollment in this pre-registration course and auditioning, does not guarantee a spot in an instructor's studio as there are a limited number of lesson spots. Half-hour lessons are 1 unit and hour-long lessons are 2 units. You may also enroll in 0 credits. Students will be charged the Applied Music Fee according to our Lesson Fee and Rebates Policy (https://music.wustl.edu/rebates-fees-refund-policy), if applicable. All students not placed in a studio will be dropped from this course after the ArtSci Add/Drop deadline.
Course Attributes: