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Rebates, Fees & Refund Policy


Private Instruction Wash U Day School Student University College Student
14 One-hour Lessons $720 $1300
14 Half-hour Lessons $360 $650
Group Piano Instruction  $0 $0
Small Ensembles (Chamber Ensembles, Jazz Combos) $200 $650
Large Ensembles (Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir) $0 $0

Your student account will be billed for any applicable applied music fees on 2/20 and will be due by 3/20.


Important Note: All students receiving need-based financial aid will automatically receive a rebate for their lessons as outlined above. Music majors and minors whose declaration has been approved by September 15th (for the fall semester) or February 15 (for the spring semester) will automatically receive the proper rebate as well. Large Ensemble members will complete a rebate request form during their first rehearsal of the semester to claim the large ensemble rebate. 
Employee tuition benefits do not cover private applied music lessons.

Type Declared Music Majors Students with Need-based Financial Assistance Declared Minors Participating in a Large Ensemble Other Students Participating in Large Ensembles
Private Instruction Full Rebate on up to 2 different instruments
  • One-hour Lesson: $280 rebate
  • Half-hour Lesson: $140 rebate
Full Rebate for one-hour lesson
  • One-hour Lesson: $360 Rebate
  • Half-hour Lesson: $180 Rebate
Small Ensembles Full Rebate on one small ensemble No Rebate Full Rebate for one ensemble (if not taking lessons)* Full Rebate for one ensemble (if not taking lessons)*

*Declared Minors and Other students participating in Large Ensembles receive the rebate on lessons OR Small Ensemble, not both.
**Need-based aid cannot be combined with ensemble rebates, only the ensemble rebate applies if you qualify for both.
Our Large Ensembles include: Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Concert Choir and Chamber Choir.
Music Minors not participating in a Large Ensemble will receive a $100 Rebate.  
Only the Need-based financial aid rebate can be combined with other rebates (music minor and ensemble rebates cannot be combined).  
Students with exceptional need may petition Nicole Aldrich (naldrich@wustl.edu) for additional financial assistance. All need-based awards are subject to verification of aid status by Student Financial Services. Please note that financial assistance is only available for undergraduate students. Graduate students in departments other than Music are not eligible for rebates.

Refund Policies

A student who officially withdraws within the refund period will receive a refund in accordance with the refund schedule (see refund grid below).  All refunds are calculated from the date on which the student drops the course on WebSTAC. If you drop applied music lessons, you will forfeit any rebate or scholarship amounts that you were due to receive.  Should you choose to drop during the refund timeframe, your student account will receive a MUSI charge for the percentage of the lesson fee based on your drop date.

Registration and Refund Deadlines - Fall 2021 Date
Last day to drop with a 100% refund September 9
Last day to drop with a 50% refund September 15
Last day to drop with a 25% refund September 22
No refunds given after September 22

For any questions regarding fees, scholarships, and rebates please contact Ben Worley (b.worley@wustl.edu)