Sound Theory

MUSIC 5190

The word sound in this course title carries three meanings: 1) solidly made, 2) ethical, and 3) pertaining to the experience of sonic phenomenon of all sorts. The word theory indicates the discourse of philosophers, historians, and scholars (academic and popular). Among the writers who may be included in the course are: Abdurraquir, Adorno, Attali, Auslander, Barthes, Benjamin, Berlant, Biancorosso, Butler, Chion, Chow, Cook, Derrida, Donnelly, DuBois, Foucault, Kittler, Murray Schafer, Ngai, Plato, Proust, Said, Sloterdijk, and Sterne. The class will be useful to graduate students concerned with the phenomenon of sound broadly speaking.
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Sound Theory
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