Lesson Policies


How many credits can I receive for lessons?

Applied music courses consist of fourteen weekly, private lessons of either one half hour or one full hour in length. Half-hour lessons are given 1.0 unit of credit and one-hour lessons are given 2.0 units of credit. Those students who are receiving group instruction in piano, guitar, or voice receive 1.0 unit of credit.

Students with limited or no prior musical experience may receive a maximum of 2.0 credits for introductory-level course work in any instrument or voice.  The instruction may take the form of group instruction (piano, guitar, or voice) or private lessons in a 151 course.

            2.0 units = 2 semester sequence of group instruction [1.0 unit each]   OR

            2.0 units = 1 semester of one-hour 151 lessons or 2 semesters of half-hour 151 lessons

When can I change my lessons from letter grade to pass/fail?

Deadlines to change from Letter Grade to Pass Fail (and vice versa) are the same as those posted for the College of Arts & Sciences.

Is there a maximum amount of credit I can receive for lessons?

Undergraduate applied music courses are organized into levels (i.e. 151, 175, 275, 375, etc. for non-jazz instruments; 150, 170, 270, 370, etc, for jazz instruments) with specific skill criteria for each level of study.  Students may receive a maximum of 4.0 units of credit per level.  4.0 units could take the form of 2 semesters of one-hour lessons or 4 semesters of half-hour lessons.


When do I need a jury?

After a maximum of 4.0 units at a level, the student must pass a jury in order to move on to the next level.  If the student cannot pass the jury, he/she can continue taking lessons not-for-credit (L27 110); the jury can be reattempted when the student is ready.  Students are not required to spend two semesters on each level.  High achieving students may be ready for a jury after one semester or may test out of a level completely.

Juries may be taken at the end of the fall or spring semester.  A jury will normally include at least two faculty: the instructor and at least one additional faculty member.  Voice, piano, and guitar students may have additional jury members present from their respective divisions.  This guideline presents the department's minimum requirement, but all instructors can require additional juries as they wish.


What are the attendance policies for lessons?

Regular attendance is required, and lessons should only be missed in the most exceptional circumstances.  If you must miss a lesson, notify your instructor at least 24 hours in advance.  Up to two excused absences will be made up during the semester.  Unexcused absences will not be made up and could result in a lowering of your grade.  Each applied teacher assigns grades to his or her students.  Applied music grades are based upon regular preparation for lessons and substantial progress in your work, measured against what can be reasonably expected of a student with your particular background, level of talent, and professional goals.  If you have any questions on grading, your instructor can give you further details.  More information is available in the Department of Music Student Handbook.


What are the fees signing up for lessons and ensembles?

Private Instruction Washington University Day-School Student
14 One-hour Lessons $786
14 Half-hour Lessons $393
Group Piano Instruction  $0
Small Ensembles (Chamber Ensembles, Jazz Combos) $218
Large Ensembles (Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, Choir) $0

Your student account will be billed for any applicable applied music fees February 19th-22nd.


Are rebates available for any of these fees?


Declared Music Majors
(100% Rebate)

Students with Need-based Financial Assistance
(40% Rebate)

Declared Minors participating in a Large Ensemble
(100% Rebate)

Other Students participating in Large Ensembles
(50% Rebate)

Private Instruction

One-hour Lesson:
$786 rebate
Half-hour Lesson: $378 rebate

One-hour Lesson: $314 rebate

Half-hour Lesson: $157 rebate

One-hour Lesson: $786 rebate
Half-hour Lesson: $378 rebate
One-hour Lesson:    $393 rebate
Half-hour Lesson:  $197 rebate
(Cannot be combined with Financial need)

Small Ensembles

Full Rebate on one small ensemble

$218 rebate

No Rebate

Full Rebate for one small ensemble 

$218 rebate

Full Rebate on one small ensemble

$218 rebate

All rebates can be applied for up to two instruments and one small ensemble. Taking lessons on a third instrument and/or second small ensemble will be charged in full.

Music minors not participating in a large ensemble will receive a $100 rebate. Only the need-based financial aid rebate can be combined with other rebates (music minor and ensemble rebates cannot be combined).

Financial Need rebates are automatically granted to students with demonstrated financial needs as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS). All need-based awards require verification of aid status by SFS. Please note that financial assistance is only available for undergraduate students. Graduate students in departments other than Music are not eligible for rebates. 

Students with exceptional need may petition Ben Worley for full coverage of private lessons. Petitions will not be accepted after the “No refunds given” deadline (See Refund Policies below). Students must re-petition at the beginning of each academic year. 


Do employee tuition benefits cover music lessons?

Employee tuition benefits do not cover private applied music lessons.

Refund Policies

What if I drop a lesson? Will I get a refund?

A student who officially withdraws within the refund period will receive a refund in accordance with the refund schedule (see refund grid below).  All refunds are calculated from the date on which the student drops the course on WebSTAC. If you drop applied music lessons, you will forfeit any rebate or scholarship amounts that you were due to receive.  Should you choose to drop during the refund timeframe, your student account will receive a MUSI charge for the percentage of the lesson fee based on your drop date.

Registration and Refund Deadlines - Fall 2023 Date
Last day to drop with a 100% Refund Jan 25
Last day to drop with a 50% Refund Feb 1
Last day to drop with a 25% Refund Feb 8
No refunds given after Feb 9