Daniel Fister

PhD student in Musicology
Lynne Cooper Harvey Fellow in American Culture Studies
research interests:
  • Collegiate A Cappella, Musical Theater, American Popular and Concert Music, Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, Voice and Sound Studies, Performance Studies, and Ethnography.
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    Daniel studies American popular music, singing, race, and performance. In his dissertation, he examines how scholastic a cappella groups constitute various kinds of communities and the role of race in that process. Daniel's research connects voice and sound studies, critical race and whiteness studies, performance studies, and ethnographic methods. Other interests include musical theater, American vernacular vocal harmony, Anglo-American concert music, and music history pedagogy. In 2018, he co-convened Broadway Bodies, an interdisciplinary conference on the American musical in embodied performance. Daniel has presented papers at national and regional Society for Ethnomusicology meetings, Feminist Theory in Music, and graduate student conferences. He is also an editorial assistant for the quarterly, peer-reviewed journal American Music.
    Daniel Fister 
    “Whiteness as Vocal Aesthetics: An Examination of Judging Practices in Collegiate A Cappella Competitions” 
    Society for Ethnomusicology, Bloomington, IN
    Daniel Fister
    “Organizing Coalitions through Song: Bernice Johnson Reagon, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and Ella Baker’s Legacy” 
    Feminist Theory in Music, Boston, MA
    Daniel Fister
    “A Call to Riff: Examining the Interaction between Ethnomusicology and Interdisciplinarity”
    Midwest Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology, Bloomington, IN