Kim Daniels

Administrative Coordinator

Kim Daniels graduated from Truman State University with a BA in Music in 2001, and from Webster University with an MFA in Arts Management & Leadership in 2009.

Kim’s responsibilities include:

Academic coordination:

  • Undergraduate program: minor declaration and advising, degree audits, department scholarships, graduation certification, biennial assessment, senior capstones, entrance and exit interviews, Bulletin edits
  • Graduate program: application and admissions processing, visits, funding requests, Bulletin edits
  • Course listings
  • Course evaluations
  • Department handbook
  • University College contact

Administrative coordination:

  • Assistant to the Chair: scheduling, faculty searches, tenure and promotion, department research, annual report, department social events, departmental files and directory
  • Department development: manage donor database, coordinate donor events and solicitation mailings, attend Executive Advisory Council meetings, collaborate on donor recruitment methods and brainstorm future endeavors
  • Facilities: field ongoing security and facility maintenance concerns, backup for technology-related classroom issues, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator


  • Proofread concert programs and flyers
  • Room reservations for academic campus
  • Backup for purchasing approvals

contact info:

office hours:

  • M-F; 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

mailing address:

  • CB 1032
  • ST. LOUIS, MO 63130-4899
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